Your Tenancy

During your tenancy, we will continue to take care of you and your property. Here are some things you need to know.


We will complete regular inspections of the property between 3-4 times a year. This is a requirement of many insurance policies and we will give you at least a weeks notice before we wish to complete the maintenance inspection.

Contents Insurance

The property owner has insurance on the land and building. This does not cover your personal things and we do recommend you speak with your insurance broker about contents insurance. The landlord and Wendell Property Management cannot be held responsible for any damage to your items while they are in the property.

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Unless stated as a special condition in your Tenancy Agreement, lawns and gardens are your responsibility. We have some preferred contractors that we can recommend if you want to employ a helping hand.


If you have a separate water meter you will be required to pay for the water you use while you live at the property. Water is charged monthly and you will receive an email with your monthly invoice attached. 

If your water bill is high, we will ask you to complete a leak test overnight. This will show us if there is a leak which we can then arrange to have repaired. To minimise your usage please ensure that toilet cisterns are not running and showers/taps are not dripping.

Repairs & Maintenance

We are available 24/7 for emergencies. Phone (09) 849-2588 and press 1 to report the emergency.  If you have a plumbing emergency and water is leaking inside the property, please turn the water off to minimise the damage to your personal items and the house.

If you require maintenance at your property and it is non-urgent please email your property manager with the details and we will arrange it for you.