What makes us different?

Residential property management is our sole focus. Our experience, skilled people and highly effective systems set us apart from traditional real estate agencies. We offer a results driven solution for the management of your Auckland property investment and the highest standard of professionalism.

The devil is in the detail

The most critical element of investment property management is attention to detail, particularly in relation to property condition reports, inspections and tenant selection. The future of your Auckland property investment depends on how thorough your property manager is when handling these key areas. If something goes wrong, these documents could be worth thousands of dollars. Ensuring paperwork is meticulously kept in order and your Auckland investment property is managed in line with requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act ensures your risk is reduced.

Speed and efficiency

The smallest problem left unattended can become bigger than you thought possible. It is with this in mind that we act quickly in all elements of management of your Auckland property investment portfolio.

  • Notice given on your investment property? We are on the phone to you discussing the price to relist and any maintenance we wish to do in the downtime.

  • Tenant has not paid their rent on time? They are phoned that day. Can’t get hold of them? We are on their door step. Our zero tolerance rental arrears policy is highly effective in ensuring you receive your rent on time.
  • Resigning fixed term tenancies is important to avoid your investment property coming vacant at a difficult time of year. 3 weeks vacant over Christmas just won’t do.
  • An annual rent increase is necessary to keep your property in line with inflation and increasing costs to investment property ownership. Why would you earn less than you earnt last year?
  • Our preventative maintenance policy ensures your investment property is well maintained, tenants are happy and your asset is protected. We don’t want to be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.


Safe as Houses

With the deregulation of the property management industry, it pays to ask your property manager about how your invested money will be secured while it is in their care. The media has been quick to point out the trust account monies that have gone missing since the changes in regulation. We understand how important financial peace of mind is and voluntarily have our account regularly audited. We have developed tight controls and processes to ensure your money is well cared for. Both business owners work at Wendells on a day to day basis and their direct involvement and understanding of the financial management of the trust account ensures a higher level of control is attained. As a member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand we are committed to upholding the ethical standards of our industry.

Rome wasn’t built in one day

Investment property is a long term game and simply reacting will only yield less than favourable results. Our team are trained to understand that small changes now can add up to significantly improved returns and results in the long term. So when we speak with you about your portfolio, we will discuss the now, the near future and the long term picture. As part of this we are able to assist with budgets, forecasts and development plans to ensure that you are maximising the potential value of your investment portfolio. Property is often the largest investment many of us will make, so it is worth the time to ensure you have the right team of industry professionals supporting you in reaching your goal, a dedicated Auckland property manager is a key part of this team.

Minimising Vacancies

We understand that vacancy can be the single most costly issue with Auckland residential investment property, so we work hard to reduce the downtime between tenancies by keeping your property well maintained to attract and keep good tenants.

Working with Trades

We have access to a dedicated database of specialist tradespeople for all your portfolio maintenance requirements. Pre-arranged rates and our priority service agreement means your portfolio is well cared for and your valuable assets protected.

Contact Wendell Property Management today to discuss how we can assist you in better returns and more time!