If you are planning to move overseas, within New Zealand, into a specific school zone, or simply a bigger place but don’t want to sell your family home, we can help. The right advice is the key to finding a solution that fits you and your family's needs.

Wendell Property Management will arrange to meet you at your home to assess the property for rent, discuss the rental price, offer advice on preparing your home for rental and guide you through the property management process. Together we design a marketing strategy and work with you to achieve it.










Take a walk through your property today from anywhere in the world.

Many of our owners ensure they take the time to walk through their properties annually, but some live overseas or lack the time to do this. So we thought we could help by creating a virtual walk through, so you can see your home from anywhere in the world. This ensures you can see the property with your own eyes, required maintenance is shown as are any areas of potential damage or change. Imagine! Sitting in front of your computer or mobile device and seeing inside your property. Picture the developing gardens (changed since your last visit), seeing each room and the care the tenants are taking of the property. Be confident your home is in the right hands. If you think a virtual tour is just what you need, contact us and we can arrange it for you. We know that homeowners love this service and the peace of mind it provides. For many, your home is your greatest asset. And at Wendell Property, we treat it that way. We often hear concerns about selling and losing a place on the Auckland property ladder. Join the team of happy home owners who have Wendell Property Management care for their homes while they travel or work abroad. Planning on moving overseas and need a property manager, contact us. We will appraise your property and guide you through the process of preparing your home for rental. 




A member of the Wendell Property Management team meet you (at your home is best), to discuss your plans and assess your home for rental. During this discussion you can also tell us about your home. This can include your preference on garden maintenance, any renovation planned before the move, and any other key details pertaining to your home.


After meeting you, we return to our offices to price the property and create our marketing plan.


We price your property based on the following factors, time of year, other properties available, school zones, type of property, features and target market.  We then compare your property with like properties we manage, and other properties currently available on the market, as well as The Department of Building & Housing figures.  We offer you a rental price range, and then a start price, where we would suggest we begin marketing.


We focus on two things in the marketing plan;Where we will market your home, e.g. Trade Me, the Wendell Property Management website, relocation agents, as well as our own database of pre-qualified prospective tenants.What can you do to help us get you the best price and quickly? With so much competition, presentation is everything. We offer helpful advice on how to present your home for marketing.  This may include tidying up a room in the house, some painting or a garden tidy. We can work with even the smallest of budgets to make a real difference in price and time to rent.


Once the marketing is agreed, now on to the paperwork.  The Management Authority needs to be completed and returned with the Property Schedule before we begin marketing.  The Property Schedule is a breakdown of your chattels, location of meters, insurance details and other key information about your property. This ensures that we have all the information required to market your home effectively and you can focus on the all important task of packing.


Good photographs and descriptions rent properties quicker and attract higher numbers of prospective tenants. Using a wide angle camera, we will photograph your property. These images will be well composed and showcase your property. We will also write a thorough description, describing your home, selling it’s features and educating prospective tenants on the positive aspects of your suburb. 
We only show pre-qualified tenants through your home. We arrange to meet them at your property and walk them through so we are able to sell the features of the property. To do this we prefer to meet tenants on a one to one basis and avoid arranging open homes. We will provide you with feedback after each viewing and keep in regular contact with you during the marketing process. 


Every prospective tenant who is interested in renting your home will need to complete an application form. We then process this application and complete all reference and credit checks. Our approach is to investigate and check a tenant until we are 100% happy with the application. If in doubt we will request additional information from the tenant until we are satisfied. At this stage, we will contact you to discuss each application.

Our advice; your choice. You ultimately make the decision of who will tenant your home. We will not sign a tenant to rent your property without you agreeing to our recommendations.


As you are packing and preparing for the move, we are also working to arrange the new tenancy. This involves meeting the chosen tenant, signing the tenancy agreement and all move in documentation, inducting the tenant so they understand their responsibilities, preparing keys and the ingoing inspection report. Our initial inspections are completed using an ap, which allows us to record a detailed description of surfaces, condition of chattels and gardens, with photographs and notes as needed. This report is very valuable if a dispute arises at the end of a tenancy, as it counts as a signed record of the condition of the property before the tenants moved in. 


We will complete regular maintenance inspections of your property, between 2-4 times a year. Your insurance policy (and own preference) will determine how often your property manager needs to go. Your property manager will arrange a time with your tenant to walk through the property and you will receive a report that outlines any maintenance required, comments on the market rental, tenants, area developments and suggestions to increase the capital value or rental return of your property.We offer virtual tours of your property, the video is uploaded and you can access this from anywhere in the world. We find this is very popular with owners who live overseas and want to feel reassured that their tenants are caring for the property. We can also offer this as part of the marketing plan at the time of letting. A video ensures that only pre-qualified tenants inspect your property and that they are able to see an accurate representation of the space and layout of the rooms.


You will be paid once or twice a month by electronic transfer. Statements are sent monthly either by email or standard mail. Here is an example of a monthly statement, including all income and expenditure for the month. We also provide you with a Year End Statement (look at an example here), which your accountant will find helpful when completing your tax return.

When your tenant decides to vacate your property, they will give us written notice of no less than 21 days. We will contact you to discuss what you would like to do, the rental rate we will market the property at and any maintenance that should be done when the property is vacant. We have a minimum of 2 days between tenancies to ensure that the property is ready for the new tenants and there is time to complete the important paperwork and reports. We endeavour to rent your property as quickly as possible and we will continue to keep in contact with you throughout the marketing process.


When its time to move back home, you can contact your property manager and they will notify the tenants, giving them no less than 42 days notice to vacate the property. We will do all we can to rehouse your tenants. 
If your tenants are in a fixed term lease and you wish to move back in before this expires then we will need to negotiate this with the tenants and they can refuse. If you are considering moving back in to the property, you are best to leave the tenancy on a Periodic Tenancy meaning you have to give just 42 days notice to move back. Your property manager will discuss this in detail once a tenant has been selected to ensure that the lease is structured to suit your future plans.


Contact your property manager and they can help. Although we do not offer a sales service at Wendell Property Management, we are fortunate to work with excellent salespeople who we feel confident in recommending their services to you. We can arrange a free market appraisal for you and work with you to decide whether to market the property staged or with incumbent tenants. We can then work with your tenants to present the property in preparation for sale and you can continue to receive income while the property is on the market. Speak with your property manager about the option that will suit you and your property.

Have we answered all your questions? If not, get in touch and we can help.

Want to know what your property is worth? We can arrange a detailed rental appraisal for you at no cost. Request a rental appraisal now.