The Wendell Property Difference


Wendell Property Management takes care of all aspects of your property investment to save you valuable time and expense. We work with you to help you achieve your long term objectives, tailoring a solution to suit you.

We work for investors who want expert advice, industry knowledge, and those looking for an edge to maximize returns and protect their investments.

Home Owners moving overseas trust us with their family homes. We care for your home as if it were our own, guiding you through the rental process and protecting your greatest asset.



  • Professional property marketing, presentation and photography. 
  • Finding the right tenants at the best rental amount, quickly.
  • Extensive credit and reference checking for prospective tenants.
  • Rent and water collection.
  • Fully audited trust accounts and high safety controls.
  • Money paid to your nominated bank account either monthly or twice a month.
  • Monthly reports, detailing all income and expenditure.
  • Year End Statements – to keep the accountant happy and save you money.
  • Regular maintenance reports on your property.
  • Repairs and maintenance, with our qualified and well priced tradespeople.
  • Payment of rates and insurances.
  • Service. You can pick up the phone and talk to the same person every time!



Our Service

Increasing profitability

At Wendell Property Management, we work to achieve the best possible rental. Achieving optimum rent means knowing the market and having the skills to negotiate the best possible rental rate. We are constantly monitoring the market and initiating appropriate rental reviews on your behalf.

Minimise Vacancy

We understand that minimising vacancy maximises the return on your investment. We have successfully reduce vacancies through many policies that include re-signing tenants to fixed leases, marketing properties prior to departure and establishing good relationships with tenants to ensure co-operation with access.

Tenant Selection Process

We have a strict tenancy selection process, which weeds out potentially problematic tenants. Each tenant provides us with at least one, verified employee reference or alternative proof of earnings or savings. We ask for current and prior landlord references and complete a full credit check. Selecting the right tenant is one of the most important aspects of our service, so we ensure time is taken to make the right choice for you and your property.

Arrears Management: Zero Tolerance

At Wendell Property we have a developed a strict rental arrears policy that has lead to us having a very low arrears rate. We generate a daily report that highlights any tenant who may have not paid their rent. The tenant is contacted immediately and often the matter is resolved quickly. If the tenant has not paid on day 2, they are contacted again and a 14 day letter is issued. On day 3 of non payment, the tenant is lodged for mediation. This process is made easier by our property managers who foster a good relationship with our tenants. Working with the tenant and owner to ensure the arrears are paid off quickly means we often avoid tribunal and wasted time and money.

Technology - adding value to you

Wendell Property Management are leading agents in embracing new technology to offer a more efficient service. Our initial inspections are completed using an ap, which allows us to record a detailed description of surfaces, condition of chattels and gardens, with photographs and notes as needed. This report is very valuable if a dispute arises at the end of a tenancy, as it counts as a signed record of the condition of the property before the tenants moved in.

We offer virtual tours of your property, the video is uploaded and you can access this from anywhere in the world. We find this is very popular with owners who live overseas and want to feel reassured that their tenants are caring for the property. We can also offer this as part of the marketing plan at the time of letting. A video ensures that only pre-qualified tenants inspect your property and that they are able to see an accurate representation of the space and flow.

On Top of the Paperwork

Our landlords are paid once or twice a month by electronic transfer and statements are sent monthly either by email or standard mail.

Payments of water, council rates and all other outgoings are recorded on income and expenditure statements to make it easy for your accountant to lodge your tax return.

We have developed a comprehensive Tenancy Agreement that covers all aspects of both parties responsibilities. We manage all paperwork associated with the rental property from the onset, ensuring that you are meeting all of your legislative responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act.

Preventative Maintenance

At Wendell Property, we understand that you have invested in property for long term capital growth and to this end you require sound monitoring of the condition of your premises. We conduct maintenance inspections 3-4 times a year and prepare a written report on the quality of your property, maintenance and repairs.

In addition, we offer personal advice on whether or not to furnish and how to make the most of your individual property to maximise rental. We can assist with repairs through to full refurbishments and will always advise you on what could be done and the opportunities for you in the current market to add value (and increase returns) on your investment.

One size does not fit all

At Wendell Property Management we understand that you have a plan or strategy to reach your goals and we want to see you achieve them. Because every property (and owner) is different, we offer a personalized  service to ensure that you achieve success in your individual property situation.

Your Own Personal Property Management Team

With Wendell Property Management you can benefit from having your own property management team working for you; two professional property managers who are trained to handle each and every aspect of caring for your property. Your team will get to know both you and your property personally, and offer you the best possible service.

Why two Property Managers? We offer this to you to ensure that your property is always cared for and managed to the highest level. People get sick, go on holiday and have busy periods when they need additional support; this system ensures you are taken care of as well as our team of property managers.

The team at Wendell Property Management are enthusiastic, responsive, intelligent, have a sense of humour, are approachable and understanding. Meet our team.