Why we love Hobsonville Point

July 07, 2017 at 1:57 PM

As an Aucklander, driving into Hobsonville point it can be a bit confronting to see how they are squeezing in the houses like sardines in the can! But when you get out of the car, walk around and see the amazing communal green spaces close by, and the mix of retail, café’s apartments townhouses etc, it feels somewhat international. Like the northern suburbs of London, or east of the river in Prague.hobsonville_.jpg

In fact, there is a lot to love about this ex military Greenfields development. When it is finished it will have around 3,000 homes. They have a little over half of this, and it has taken us 6 years to get here. But as the population increases so too are the amenities.

Hobsonville point has shown us that we can mix large family homes, with apartments, town houses, green spaces and commercial without having to comprise on lifestyle. Those who call Hobsonville Point their home are luck enough to have one of the best farmers markets weekly at their doorstep. World class waterfront developments going in and fast ferry service to the CBD.

Our Auckland property management team loves Hobsonville Point, its why we dedicated one of our fleet to prove it! Our very manly property manager Mark Peltzer drives this Love Heart car to his home in Hobsonville where he lives and breaths the good life that could have easily been forgotten with green field development in Auckland.

With feet on the ground, and a specific car for the area, we are perfectly positioned to take care of your property rental investment management in Hobsonville Point. Call Mark today to catch up for a coffee at Catalina Café and talk about your investment property with a local.

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