West Auckland - Is West Best?

June 07, 2013 at 3:50 PM

West is Best… and getting better!

For years West Auckland has had the reputation for mullets, Holden’s & leopard print leggings, well 2013 is the year that Westies fight back with huge changes on the horizon.

Recently my wife and I decided it was time to climb onto the property ladder, with the arrival of our first child imminent we were preparing for single income living too. We wanted a good life for our daughter, land around us to play and a guest room without the $1,000,000 price tag. We looked North, no thanks, the commute over the bridge is a killer. We looked East, pricing had already gone off so priced us out of the market. South Auckland showed potential but when we looked West it ticked all the boxes.

West Auckland thanks to the new SH16 North (and what will soon be connected South via Waterview) has helped bring potential owners closer to the city than they would ever expect. Access is easy and only going to get better with the 3 lane extension at Lincoln Road & Te Atatu, leading onto to Westgate Shopping centre. Here, shopping, Cafes, Bars, Schooling & homes are all provided in a multi-million dollar makeover.

We moved into our new home with a little trepidation. Will our friends and family still come to visit us at the end of the motorway? Will they dare venture into “The West” after visiting us at our old home in Greenlane? It was quite the culture change, and the commute to the city was a little tiresome at first but we settled in and grew to love our new home. Our little girl came along and my wife was eager to get out and about through the long hot summer. The walks around West Auckland are fantastic. Our Border Collie gets plenty of time off the lead at the many parks and around the marina walkway, enjoying the occasional dip in the sea at high tide. The view back to the city on a hazy summers morning is stunning, what better way to start the day!

Hobsonville Point is changing each week, now offering a ferry terminal for people needing the workday commute to the city (very reasonable too at $70 per week).. The Farmers Market & Catalina Café make it a lovely breakfast jaunt for those City slickers wanting an out of town feel, good coffee & food with a friendly smile.


Bethells Beach & Piha Beach are only a short distance along the beautiful Scenic Drive, perfect for the evening picnic watching the sun set or for the surfers at heart wanting a challenge.

My daughter has had such a great start to life by all that West Auckland has offered us as a family, West Auckland Parents Centre continue to be fantastic in teaching what to expect when we become parents, and the on-going support thereafter with coffee groups and mother and baby days. Free activities such as Wiggle & Rhyme held for mothers and children of any age help put that community feel back into society, West Auckland has managed to keep the community feel it’s hard not to let yourself go and be a part of it too.

With the rise of Westgate (rumoured to be bigger than both Sylvia Park & Albany mega centre put together) West Auckland will soon have its own hive of activity. Astute investors are buying in this area and we have noticed significant growth in the West Area in our portfolio. As a property manager I am watching sales consistently on the rise, prices often selling over CV. Many homes are still very fortunate to be on sub dividable land so that higher price may not always be as costly as you first think and offer opportunity for development.

So much going on and being Friday afternoon, I am off home now. Our Friday night ritual is walking up to Westgate to this great sushi spot we have found and feasting on fresh sashimi and tasty udon.


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