Watercare Update

May 19, 2016 at 12:58 PM

Watercare will now allow property owners to pay the fixed water charge annually. Some see this as a victory (assuming your tenants will pay the monthly Watercare bill for their own usage), we see nothing changing. We will still receive the water bill, check it, charge it and then (most importantly) ensure its being paid back to our owners in full. Clear management prevents problems, avoid the headache of water arrears. 


Did you know that under 1% of our entire property portfolio owes money for they water usage? And this handful of tenants are on mediated orders to pay down their debt at no cost to the owner.


Did you know that Watercare will hold the property owner liable for unpaid debts accumulated from tenant usage? Why run the risk of debt collection and arrears management, when you can have it managed properly in the first place?  


Avoid the hassle. Save time and money. Its not broken, so why fix it