Top of the class - how to stand out and get the house.

April 22, 2013 at 8:42 PM

So, you’ve begun the hunt for your perfect rental property? With so many eager renters to compete with, sometimes it can be a veritable battlefield securing a property that ticks all the boxes. Follow these tips to ensure you stay ahead of the game and find the right home fast.

1.     Check our Trademe or social media pages frequently. Be the first to see new listings and above all, act quickly!

2.     Ensure you have good references. Solid references are key to securing your ideal rental property – it can often be good to have both character and professional references as well as referees for rental history. We have had tenants turn up with 'renting CVs' detailing where they have lived and a bit about themselve, a great idea to stand out!

3.     How is your credit history? Property owners will be interested to see your credit rating, as this is a good indicator of whether you can be relied upon to pay rent consistently. If you have a few black marks, be prepared to explain.

4.     Prepare to sign a long-term lease, and to move in immediately if possible. Long-term tenants, and those who can move in immediately, are more desirable, as this diminishes the period of time a property will sit empty.

5.     It may seem obvious but can’t be overstated: make an effort with your appearance, and arrive on time to all meetings. It’s not necessary to dress as if for a job interview, but being neat, tidy, clean and with a professional demeanor will leave a positive impression. Arriving on time indicates you are a punctual person with all things.

6.     Know the maximum rent you can afford to pay on your income. It is important to remain within your budget, and some property owners may even want proof you have enough money in the bank to afford move-in costs.

7.     If you own a pet, you may know how difficult it can be to prove that you and your companion are suitable tenants. Tackle this issue in advance: offer to pay a higher bond to cover any costs, or perhaps set up a ‘pet interview’, to give your property owner a chance to see how well-behaved your dog/cat/other is.

8.     Give as much information as possible on your application. I have heard of applications being disregarded if not enough information is given, or if it is illegible. Ensure your application receives the attention it deserves by providing all the information you can, including the names and phone numbers of any references. (don't worry, at Wendells we will call you if we have questions or need more info!)

9.     If you are moving out from another rental property, it can pay to ensure all keys have been returned, and all mail redirected. Grab the key off each tenant or flatmate and return these on time – you may still have to continue paying rent until these are returned, which may hinder you from securing your next rental.

10.  Take a second look at your Facebook (or other social media) page. Is your profile picture from that pub crawl last weekend? Sites like facebook are being increasingly used by property owners (as well as others, such as prospective employers) to get an inside look at a person – since ‘party animals’ are rarely seen as ideal tenants, it could help to examine your social media page and ‘untag’ any incriminating photos.

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