Tenants demand better housing

July 03, 2014 at 4:22 PM

As the demand for rental properties in Auckland increases, there are now higher expectations for the standard of properties and how they are maintained.

Increasing Auckland house prices and tougher mortgage lending criteria has seen many people turned off the idea of property investment and instead opting for renting long term as a more financially viable prospect.

The average house price in Auckland sits above $500,000 and with interest, rates and property maintenance on top of this many people are leaning towards renting instead. This allows people more choice as to where they live and in turn places more responsibility on property owners.

This increase in demand for rental properties has seen rents go up and consequently tenants now have greater expectations as far as overall standards are concerned.

Many Auckland investment property owners are now handing responsibility of operation, control and oversight of their properties to property management companies. They are able to advise property owners what to invest in to impress tenants to get the most bang for their buck. 

These increased expectations along with ever changing legislation surrounding property letting has convinced first time and multiple property owners to have their properties managed by experts in the field.

Property management services provides peace of mind for rental property owners knowing that experts are there to ensure their property meets their legal requirements and also provide them with reassurance in knowing that their tenants’ interests as well as their own are top priority.

Wendell Property Management is one of the most experienced and reputable Auckland property management companies and they have identified a noticeable increase in the demand for their services.

They are aware that there is a great deal of trust involved when it comes to the management of a property owner’s home. For over a decade Wendell Property Management has developed an approach that ensures the highest level of service.

Because they manage fewer properties than many other Auckland property managers, they have more effective communication and problem solving, with very few cases being referred to the Tenancy Tribunal.

Their focus on providing an efficient, friendly and professional service, together with a commitment to ensuring the growth and maintenance of their clients’ property value, has ensured that many property investors are enlisting in their services.

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