Auckland Property Renters Checklist

January 11, 2017 at 4:30 PM

We recently read a great article offering some helpful tips on securing a rental property in Auckland in the busy summer market (typically late January to end of March) and getting ahead of the pack. We would like to add a couple of our own:

1. Be organised, have your application, references, pay slips all together. Makes you stand out (and our jobs easier).

2. Be upfront. If there is a black mark against your renting/financial history, tell us. Nobody is perfect and when we find it, you will look like you tried to hide it and this won't bode well for your application.

3. Be polite. Manners matter. The rude, pushy person at the viewing rarely gets it.

And know that Property Managers in Auckland sincerely want to find you are home that you will be happy in. That's why we ask so many questions and work to ensure that you are well matched with the property (and the owner).

If you don't get the property, ask to see what else we have. We will often move tenants between properties.

Here is the article, happy house hunting in Auckland

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