Low Maintenance Buying in Auckland

November 10, 2016 at 1:33 PM


Buying Property in Auckland Tips & Tricks!

We are always asked what buyers should watch out for when looking at properties to purchase in Auckland. And here is the tough thing, while a pre-purchase builders report is a great way to know what could be wrong with the property - including structure, plumbing and watertight issues, the cost can quickly add up. So unless you are good mates with a builder, what are some things you can begin to look out for and consider at open homes.

Check out this great list from Business Insider.

And don't forget to add two very important clauses to your Sale & Purchase agreement.

1. Ask for a copy of the marketing photos - the vendor has no use for them once the property is yours! And they stand out in advertising on Trademe. Plus (and this is a goodie) it's free!

2. Arrange early access if you need to find tenants. Ask for 2 viewings a week for each week till possession. And make sure you write it in to the agreement.

Happy Buying!
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