Insulation pricing and payment options

September 08, 2015 at 11:56 AM

On the back of last month’s blog on the new rental property minimum standards, we have been looking at some of the options in the marketplace to finance insulation.


By far the most appealing option is the heavily subsidized (normally 30% - 100% dependent on what deal is on) insulation available through selected providers for tenants who have a community services card, are over the age of 65 or under 5, or have breathing difficulties that could be affected by damp housing. 

If your tenants don’t fit in to this bracket, than you can shop around as various retailers have specials and discounts with good repayment options. A recent example of this is the special that Harrison Energy is running. 30% off the price of install and 18 months interest free if you have a Q card.

Currently the government has a scheme where you can add the cost of insulation to your council rates up to $5000 at 6.57% rate of interest (this changes each year). You can pay them off over 9 years. Here is a link to their pack for more information.

The market has supplied plenty of options to help you get that all important home insulation in before 2019 but why not take advantage of the benefits now and spread the cost out. Your increased rental amount and happier tenants will certainly reward you too.

We have made two changes in response to the recent announcement of the new minimum standard of insulation in rental properties. The first change is in marketing the rental property, we will detail the level of insulation and explain what this means. Secondly, tenants will sign the tenancy agreement which includes a declaration stating the level of insulation in the property and that they are aware of this and what it means. This is a market first and allows us to put your home forward in the best possible light. 

We know of many of the specials on the market, so it pays to have a chat with your property manager about the best way to arrange insulation (at the sharpest price) with payment options that suit you.

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