How to Keep Your Property Management Team Motivated

September 10, 2015 at 3:10 PM

Keeping a workforce focused and motivated isn't always easy. How do you ensure your property management team consistently perform well and maintain a high level of enthusiasm and morale?

Enthusiasm and energy start at the top. A team's performance is usually a direct reflection of their leader so if you are not feeling motivated, it is difficult to inject energy and excitement into others. Challenge yourself to bring a fresh attitude and approach to your team.

Keep them learning. At Wendell Property, we believe that consistently adding new skills and refining our existing expertise is what sets our people apart.

Mentor your team. Spending quality individual time with your team members on a regular basis can lead to higher productivity and higher morale because of the ongoing personal attention and sense of belonging.

Be honest and transparent with your property management team. Staff appreciate open communication, straightforward leadership and an easy going environment. Great ideas for new programs and services are more likely to come through when staff feel their viewpoint is acknowledged and taken seriously.


Successful teams embrace change. We see the value of being in front of change at Wendell Property Management where our teams are demonstrably motivated by opportunities to embrace new technologies and offer a more efficient service. 

Be sure to set achievable goals. These are essential in maintaining the motivation of your property team. Unrealistic goals can de-motivate the team, causing energy, morale and performance to drop.

Your people are your business and we all perform better when we're happily engaged in what we do, so it's well worth investing in helping to facilitate your team's accomplishments in whatever ways you can.