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What You Need to Know on the Election 2017 Effects Property in Auckland

Acording to Barfoot and Thompson listings are down on last year........ they are also over 30........ down on the previous elections. Sales agents in Auckland Property are playing it cool at
The election is heating up, but the Auckland property market is cooling down, coincidence? I think not! Read more about it at Wendell Property Management.

Low Maintenance Buying in Auckland

Buying Property in Auckland Tips ........amp........ Tricks........ We are always asked what buyers should watch out for when looking at properties to in Auckland. And here is the tough thing
We are always asked what buyers should watch out for when looking at properties to purchase in Auckland. We provide just some of the key ones.

Investors Require 30% Deposit for Auckland Properties

Property investors now need a deposit of at least 30 percent for houses in the Auckland ma....rket. The Reserve Bank........s move to control speculative activity and reduce inflation in the Auckland housing market
Property investors now need a deposit of at least 30 percent for houses in the Auckland market. The Reserve Bank's move to control speculative activity and reduce inflation in the Auckland housing market took effect from 1 November.

Cash flow or capital gains; Investors tough call.

I was at an Auction recently........ chatting with an investor about Yields. We discussed how the average Auckland Investor is.... prepared to take a 3........ yield or lower to secure property in Auckland as they are so fixated on Capital Gain. I
The debate continues. Ashley Giles compares Auckland Rental Investment to regional returns. What is the best decision for your investment portfolio?

Auckland Suburbs going up? What do I look for?

About 18 months ago I was at a BBQ chatting with some friends about property. No surprise ....there........ as with all the hype that Auckland property has at the moment
So much advice and so many opinions. We get asked all the time "how do I find a good investment property". While we don't have all the answers, here are some points that we (and many successful property owners) consider when buying investment property.

Landlord Magazine for FREE

Interesting find........ This smart little magazine has some great articles........ short........ sharp and effective........ Discover what a full time property investor spends their day working on. Find a great che
Great Free Resource. This is a smart little magazine published by the clever team at Auckland Property Investor Association (APIA). Thanks Guys!

Things to Consider When Buying a Rental Property

The idea of owning a rental property continues to be at a priority and objective at the f....ront of the mind of many New Zealanders. However........ increasing house prices has meant that for the majority of us
If you are new to the property investment game, here are some things to consider when considering property investment. For more information and a no obligation chat, contact us at Wendell Property Management to discuss your investment plan today.

Are you a low deposit investor?

Stuart Duncan from Apex Group offering advice for those investors who lack the eq....uity and deposit currently to buy again. Are You a Low Deposit Investor
Stuart Duncan from Apex Group offers advice for those of us without the equity and deposit to buy again. Smart and realistic suggestions for any savvy investor. Don't forget to ask your property manager about an up to date rental appraisal when you next a…

I bought a meth contaminated property and lived to tell the tale.

A man in the know told me that 40........ of Auckland rentals are contaminated some level........ with methamphetamine. This is a sobering thought for anyone considering buying a property
Buying a house with meth (or 'P') contamination is something any investor would rather avoid. As the problem (and our awareness of it grows) it is something we will all face. And as you will read below, there are more questions than answers when you begin…

The first step on the ladder

Home ownership seems a far........fetched dream for many Aucklanders........ as prices continue to rise and competition between first homebuyers is fierce.........nbsp........ At an auction a couple of weeks ago
Buying your first home doesn't have to hurt. Innovative Aucklanders are buying their first home and renting it out till the mortgage level is manageable.

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This is a great Blog published on website talking about the policies heading up this years election. Every party, even the centre right and left parties are making this a priority, will it effect the market, the answer is it already has.
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