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Meth Clear Service for Auckland Properties

Meth testing properties in Auckland can be a stressful task. Meth Clear makes the whole process much easier. Read more about them at Wendell Property Management.

Why we love Hobsonville Point

As an Aucklander........ driving into Hobsonville point it can be a bit confronting to see how they are squeezing the houses like sardines in the can........ But when you get out of the car
We Love Hobsonville Point. We even wrapped one of our cars in a (not so manly) Giant love heart to prove it! find out why below.

Drones & the Future of Property

2017 has seen the introduction of........nbsp........Pizza Deliveries by Drone........ and closer to most peoples lives........ is Drone Photography in Property. At Wendell Property Management
With drones becoming a much bigger part of our futures, we are wondering how will this affect property management? Find out the innovations Wendell Property are taking now to future proof your Investment Property in Auckland.

Award Nominations Are In!

We are pleased to announce that we have been nominated in three categories for Property M....anagement excellence by the Leading Property Managers of New Zealand. Gina Thornton for
Wendell Property Management have been nominated in 3 award categories by the Leading Property Managers of New Zealand. Congratulations team!

Landlord Magazine for FREE

Interesting find........ This smart little magazine has some great articles........ short........ sharp and effective........ Discover what a full time property investor spends their day working on. Find a great che
Great Free Resource. This is a smart little magazine published by the clever team at Auckland Property Investor Association (APIA). Thanks Guys!

Things to Consider When Buying a Rental Property

The idea of owning a rental property continues to be at a priority and objective at the f....ront of the mind of many New Zealanders. However........ increasing house prices has meant that for the majority of us
If you are new to the property investment game, here are some things to consider when considering property investment. For more information and a no obligation chat, contact us at Wendell Property Management to discuss your investment plan today.

Tenants demand better housing

As the demand for rental properties in Auckland increases........ there are now higher expectations for the standard of properties and how they are maintai....ned. Increasing Auckland house prices and tougher mortgage lending criteria has seen ma
The benefits of property management, a market trend update.

Auckland Property Rental Prices Hold Firm

The rental prices for three bedroom homes in Auckland continue to increase during the pas....t 12 months according to some Auckland real estate companies. Those looking for Aucklan
Despite winter being just around the corner the rental market is still strong and rents continue to increase.

I bought a meth contaminated property and lived to tell the tale.

A man in the know told me that 40........ of Auckland rentals are contaminated some level........ with methamphetamine. This is a sobering thought for anyone considering buying a property
Buying a house with meth (or 'P') contamination is something any investor would rather avoid. As the problem (and our awareness of it grows) it is something we will all face. And as you will read below, there are more questions than answers when you begin…

Walk through your home from anywhere in the world!

........nbsp........ INTRODUCING THE NEW VIRTUAL TOUR Take a walk through your property today from anywh....ere in the world. Many of our owners ensure they take the time to walk through their pro
Live anywhere in the world and walk through your property with Wendell Property Managements new virtual tour.

Choose the Right Property Manager For You

Property owners tell me how hard it is to find a quality property manager in Auckland. Th....ey raise the same concerns about Property Managers. Traits such as
What makes an excellent property manager? If you have a property to rent, you want the best team of people caring for your investment, ensuring you receive the best return possible. So how do you separate the top few from the many managers out there?

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With drones becoming a much bigger part of our futures, we are wondering how will this affect property management? Find out the innovations Wendell Property are taking now to future proof your Investment Property in Auckland.
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We hear from tenants who are looking for a new home that is going to be safe for their family, in fact this above the rent or location is often their number one priority. So how do you know what safe looks like?
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Wendell Property Management provides an overview of Auckland's Northcote Point, a quiet and unique suburb busing with personality, character and history.
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Great article about how insurance are dealing with the surge of Meth related claims. We have advised all our owners to contact their insurance company or brokers and find out what they are covered for and what they are not. With Meth being such a major issue in Investment Property in Auckland, and NZ wide, its important to understand what you are covered for, and what you are not!
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Auckland Property
This is a great Blog published on website talking about the policies heading up this years election. Every party, even the centre right and left parties are making this a priority, will it effect the market, the answer is it already has.
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