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Auckland Renters Want Longer Leases

Plenty in the media this month about property ........nothing new there........ but one article caught our attention........ Housing Crisis........ Rent like the Europeans. The crux of it was that as the number of renters increases
With the barrier to home ownership a daily point in Auckland Property News, long term renting or 'renters for life' will become more common. What do Auckland renters want? Longer leases!

Do you have building consent?

Buildings without resource consent........ think again........ ........nbsp........ Auckland District Court fines a Auckland Property Owner ........30........000 for not having resource consent for a garage. If you have a building on your proper
Auckland City Council fines owner without resource consent. Are you at risk?

Cash flow or capital gains; Investors tough call.

I was at an Auction recently........ chatting with an investor about Yields. We discussed how the average Auckland Investor is.... prepared to take a 3........ yield or lower to secure property in Auckland as they are so fixated on Capital Gain. I
The debate continues. Ashley Giles compares Auckland Rental Investment to regional returns. What is the best decision for your investment portfolio?

Westpac announces NZs most underrated suburbs

Read more from Westpac here. ....
'When it comes to rising prices, not every area experiences even growth. Every city has a few suburbs which lag behind, then surge ahead. If you can time it right, you can benefit from buying in an underrated suburb before it becomes fashionable and value…

Auckland Suburbs going up? What do I look for?

About 18 months ago I was at a BBQ chatting with some friends about property. No surprise ....there........ as with all the hype that Auckland property has at the moment
So much advice and so many opinions. We get asked all the time "how do I find a good investment property". While we don't have all the answers, here are some points that we (and many successful property owners) consider when buying investment property.

Award Nominations Are In!

We are pleased to announce that we have been nominated in three categories for Property M....anagement excellence by the Leading Property Managers of New Zealand. Gina Thornton for
Wendell Property Management have been nominated in 3 award categories by the Leading Property Managers of New Zealand. Congratulations team!

Northcote Point - A glance at one of Aucklands great suburbs

Nothcote Point is one of the North Shore........rsquo........s most popular and unique suburbs. Characterised by stunning villas and a distinct feel and community
Just over the bridge, but close enough to make it count, Northcote Point is a great Auckland Suburb. Take a look through a locals eyes and learn the insiders tips.

Auckland Property Rental Prices Hold Firm

The rental prices for three bedroom homes in Auckland continue to increase during the pas....t 12 months according to some Auckland real estate companies. Those looking for Aucklan
Despite winter being just around the corner the rental market is still strong and rents continue to increase.

Booming Auckland House Market Could Affect New Zealand Economy

With prices continuing to soar in the Auckland area........ there is some concern that this may have a negative impact on the economy. Auckland ho....use prices have increased 12
With interest rates set to rise and mounting fear over 'getting on the ladder' are Aucklanders rushing in to buying property they may not be able to afford?

Top of the class - how to stand out and get the house.

So........ begun the hunt for your perfect rental property........ With so many eager renters to compete with........ sometimes it can be a veritable battlefield securing a property that ticks all the boxes.
Auckland property can be a tough market. With an increasing shortage of quality properties on the market, tenants need to ensure they are putting their best foot forward to stand out and get that property. Our guest writer Sarah Sneyd gives us a couple of…

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