Business Owner

Ashley caught the property bug early, buying his first property at the tender age of 17. He loves working with investors, from budding novices to property pros. He now leads our property management team, ensuring high standards are consistently met and our team are thoroughly trained. Managing a portfolio of both corporate and professional investors, Ashley has the savvy and know how to move with them in the quick property tides.


Are you building a property portfolio? Want someone as committed to your success as you are? Ashley is your perfect partner. An avid investor himself, he understands the market and how to make it work for you. From renovations to developments, tenant management and pesky paperwork, Ashley is the missing component to your future success.


phone_icon.png  021 079 8956  




Property Manager

Intelligent decision making and service combine here in a winning combination. Mark is the detail driven dynamo known for his impeccable reporting, savvy marketing and consistent communication. As a fully qualified electrician, Mark has a wealth of construction and building knowledge to draw on. An investor himself, he understands what adds real value to your investment property and will partner with you to help you achieve your property goals. 


If you are looking to improve your returns, potentially extend or renovate your property, choose Mark. He is the perfect balance of construction and Property Management knowledge.


phone_icon.png  021 216 5474

email_icon.png  mark@wendellproperty.co.nz




Property Manager

Finalist, NZ Rising Star of the Year 2015 awarded by LPMNZ

Quiet determination and a fierce work ethic have made Barnabas a firm favorite with the Wendell Investor.  Smart communication and a methodical mind means better results, quickly. His enthusiasm is infectious and customers are naturally drawn to his down to earth, proactive approach.


You want clear communication, quick response, finger on the pulse without being hasty? Choose Barnabas and make your property portfolio prosper.


phone_icon.png  027 700 8204




Property Manager

Nikki brings over 5 years of Residential Property Management experience to the team. She has previously worked all across Auckland in various roles before selecting to join us here at Wendell’s where her desire to create the best possible experiences for landlord and tenant can really come to life.


Nikki has a Commerce degree from Auckland University with a Marketing Major. With her experience and expertise she is able to push your investment to new heights, coupled with her high attention she is a great choice for your home or high value investment portfolio.  

 phone_icon.png   027 700 2557

 email_icon.png  nikki@wendellproperty.co.nz



Property Manager

Kelly joins us from a property family, she is self motivated and has worked hard to own her own investment property in Auckland, all by the age of 22. Prior to joining the Wendell team, Kelly was in victim support with the NZ police force.


Her calm under pressure attitude and strong backbone make her a perfect addition to the Wendell team.

phone_icon.png  021 934 067

email_icon.png kelly@wendellproperty.co.nz


Find out more about career opportunities here!




She may be small, but she is a cool headed sassy asset to our service team. Rewa is the happy voice at the end of the phone anytime someone calls through to Wendell Property. Rewa is friendly, helpful and most importantly she is always there! No voicemails or automated messages.

phone_icon.png   09 849 2588

email_icon.png  info@wendellproperty.co.nz



Property Manager

Driven, experienced and highly organised, Linda is the complete package. With a strong financial background, bucket loads of Property Management experience and energy to boot, we’re pleased as punch to welcome Linda to the team. Her advice is pragmatic, clear and considered.


Linda is her word and she delivers. She’s the perfect person to partner with to achieve your property aspirations.

phone_icon.png  027 700 6103

email_icon.png  linda@wendellproperty.co.nz



Business Owner

NZ Property Manager of the Year 2013 LPMNZ

30 years experience doesn’t bring complacency and Susan with her no nonsense, get stuck in and roll your sleeves up approach is a perfect example of consistent innovation. Susan has a loyal following of investors who appreciate her proactive and practical approach to property management.  


If you are a seasoned property investor who wants to work with a Property Manager who has been there and done that, then Susan is your first call. With a career that has survived the highs and lows of the Auckland Property market, the changing tides of legislation, interest rates, tenant and owner rights, Susan has your solution in her tool box of tricks.


phone_icon.png  021 909 818

email_icon.png susan@wendellproperty.co.nz



General Manager

Industry Leader Award, 2013 Young Professionals in Real Estate

Natalie is a million miles an hour, always balancing spinning plates. Her ability to keep things moving and her advanced problem solving made Property Management the perfect fit for her. With a background in photography and marketing, Natalie believes property (yes, even rental property) deserves to be presented in the best possible light, with plenty of information to attract the best tenants. And the results speak for themselves, reduced vacancy time and strong rents, consistently.


Want to build wealth through property? Need someone in your corner?  You need Natalie. Passion and personality plus combine to make this property professional an asset to those who are committed to building wealth through property. 


phone_icon.png  0211 311 203

email_icon.png natalie@wendellproperty.co.nz




Customer Experience Manager



Property Manager

NZ Rising Star of the Year 2013 awarded by LPMNZ

Property is in Claire’s blood, raised on the property market as common dinner debate at her dining table. Combine this with a real understanding of service and you quickly appreciate how this proactive problem solver is an asset to any property investor. Solutions orientated, Claire is a master at diffusing difficult situations with savvy communication and quick thinking.


If you are looking for a Property Manager who gets the job done and isn’t afraid to make the tough decisions, than Claire is your person. You won’t get empty promises and the run around working with Claire, just clean solutions to get you the best results, fast.


phone_icon.png  021 0279 1130

email_icon.png claire@wendellproperty.co.nz



Business Development Manager

After studying Property at Auckland University Tom now manages our new business inquiry. His experience in Letting and Property Management allow him to understand what a Property Owner is looking for, offer the best solution and execute it for them. Savvy, smart and super charged, Tom will get an excellent result.


Choosing a Property Management company is no small decision and one too often based on the initial fee (often a percentage of the weekly rent). Tom guides the Property Owner through the process (quickly grasping what they need) and then ensures that all parties involved in delivering that service, get the result they want (not a carbon copy solution). Property is as personal as the people, finding an agency who delivers the service you want is key to a long (and prosperous) relationship.


phone_icon.png  027 700 1183

email_icon.png  tom@wendellproperty.co.nz



Letting Agent

We knew that Rob was going to be a great fit for Wendell’s when we stole him from our favourite coffee shop. His love of people, his continued kindness and strength sets him apart and earned him a top reputation in hospitality. Stepping in to this role has been a natural move, assisting the Property Managers to place the best people in our homes. 


For anyone that meets Rob, the why is clear. His calm and pleasant manner encourage people to open up to him. He's able to understand what a tenant is looking for and help them find it. He is the concierge of our property team, creating successful tenancies for our owners. And offering huge support to our Property Managers by offering after hours and weekend viewings to our customers.


phone_icon.png  027 700 2557

email_icon.png  rob@wendellproperty.co.nz



Property Manager

Claire is more at home in the air, than on the ground. She has spent the last 5 years as a flight attendant for Virgin Australia. This experience has given Claire incredible people skills, and the ability to problem solve. Settling down to the family life, Claire has now turned her attention to property management.


Confident and a little sassy, nothing bothers Claire. She is strong and holds her own. Having grown up in South Auckland, Claire understands investment property, and is working towards growing her own portfolio.

phone_icon.png  027 700 2737

email_icon.png claire.c@wendellproperty.co.nz



Account & Administrative Manager

2016 REINZ Support Person of the Year

Barry manages our trust account, ensuring all the rental payments are correctly allocated and our owners are paid on time. With a background in insurance accounts receivable, Barry manages the financial aspects of our growing business.


phone_icon.png  09 849 2588

email_icon.png barry@wendellproperty.co.nz




Bilingual with a background in property management, Sandy works alongside Barry in our accounts team. You’ll find her zooming through piles of invoices and diving in to accounting queries every day. And did I mention, she is really good with numbers.