fiat_polaroid.pngOur Cars 

We wanted something compact, cool and great to drive to give to our team of busy property managers. When you spend the best part of your day on the road, having a great car is important, but we were aware of the potential impact of all this driving on the environment. Careful consideration was given to this and we looked at both hybrid and fuel cars to minimise our carbon footprint.

Why Fiat?

The Fiat 500 is the big sister of the 1960’s classic the Fiat Bambina. On its release in 2008 it was awarded the Small Car of the Year Award, and with 7 airbags has received the prestigious NCAP 5***** safety rating, the world's highest safety award. Our fleet of Fiats are powered by an extremely efficient 1.4L Engine, producing over 100Hp with an average fuel consumption of only 6.2L/100km. Only slightly higher than some hybrid cars, but without the future environmental issues surrounding the disposal of battery cells. The secret of the cars fuel efficiency is derived from over 100 years of Fiat’s racing heritage, these finely tuned engines use fuel when needed, and the dualogic gear boxes (which have filtered down from big brother Ferrari) allow the cars to operate on 20% less fuel than a regular automatic car of the same weight.

We also ensure that all unnecessary driving is significantly reduced by grouping travel to different areas of Auckland, cutting down on fuel use and wasted staff time. All cars are regularly serviced and well cared for, this ensures the cars are clean and economical.


In the past 3 years we have more than halved the paper used in our office. Although that is a great achievement, we wanted to do something further with the paper we still had. Enter Lovenotes, a cool company that have created a system where they collect old paper and refresh in to handy (and beautifully designed) stationery. The impact of bringing Lovenotes in to our office has meant a greater awareness and lead to a reduction in waste across the entire business (not only paper). Thank you Lovenotes!