Want a property manager in Auckland that works as hard as you do? We understand that your property portfolio probably represents the greatest investment you have made and our property managers treat it that way. 

We work with businesses, investors and home owners across Auckland who want better returns, less stress and asset protection. Property management is all we do and we’re here to make sure you benefit from our know-how.

For property management that combines expert knowledge with that personal touch, talk to Wendell Property Management today. Contact us now for a free rental appraisal. 

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Whether you’re handing over the keys to your much-loved family home or building a multi-million dollar investment portfolio, the right choice of property manager is crucial for your lasting success. Here’s why Wendell Property Management in Auckland is heads and shoulders above the rest.

1. Property management in Auckland is all we do

We are 100% focused on property management. We’re here to take care of your property and maximise your returns. We are not involved in any other ancillary activities and with one focus comes mastery.

2. Service is everything

In a time poor world, having a savvy team of property professionals on hand helps you get where you are going, faster. Our customer centric property management team is committed to delivering the very best service to you. For us, excellent service is about offering consistent, valuable knowledge, quickly. Life is too short to surround yourself with people not working effectively. Get the best team behind you and phone our Auckland property managers today. Be sure to check out feedback from some of our customers.

3. Communication is key

We understand your property portfolio represents one of your greatest assets. Do you want to be kept in touch with every decision relating to your property, or are you a ‘hands off’ owner who is happy to delegate? We’ll find out what matters to you and keep you up to date. If you need to get in touch, you’ll find we’re just a phone call away. And you’ll get a friendly voice at the end of the phone, not a machine.

4. Expertise on tap

Do you want an Auckland property management team with a toolbox of experience to draw on? Well how about a library? Decades of experience in every market taught us that collective problem solving is key to expertly managing the multitude of scenarios a property manager may encounter on any given day. Your property manager isn’t just relying on their experience, but the collective experience of our whole team, as well as the professional consultants we employ. Legal, accounting, financial, legislative, dispute resolution, maintenance, anything connected with property, we have you covered, all available to you as part of our service.

5. Where are you heading?

As an individual, we will take the time to understand your goals. Your dedicated property manager will advise the best strategies and then provide the service that delivers it. We work in the present but help you keep an eye on the future. Whether you have grand designs or want to protect what you already have, we will help you get there. We manage your property like you would, with your needs and wants at the forefront of our decision-making.

Contact Wendell Property Management in Auckland today to see how we can help you.




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