Susan Wendell

After 30 years in the property management industry, Susan purchased Cahill Real Estate in 2009 in partnership with her daughter, Natalie. In 2010, Susan proudly put her name to the business, with a rebrand to Wendell Property Management.

Susan heads the dedicated team of profesionals at Wendell and her passion is a cornerstone of the company. She has a loyal client base, grown largely from referrals, a true testament to her integrity and long-standing reputation in the Real Estate Community. With a successful career already established in Property Management, and a multitude of awards behind her, Susan is now firmly committed to caring for her portfolio and training her team of industry professionals.

email: susan@wendellproperty.co.nz   phone: 021 909 818


Natalie Wendell

Natalie is the Business Development Manager at Wendell Property Management. Her experience, both here and abroad, yields top results.

Owners and tenants alike are attracted by her dedication to achieving a win win solution for all parties. Natalie is committed to providing only the best in terms of customer service and communication and is continually driven by a desire to add real value to every customer.

Natalie’s understanding of online marketing ensures all Wendell properties are strongly promoted and exposed, resulting in reduced vacancies and an abundance of inquiries. An expert juggler, Natalie blends care and efficiency with market savvy and action.

email: natalie@wendellproperty.co.nz   phone: 0211 311 203


.  Gina Thornton

Voted first runner up Property Manager Rookie of the Year 2012 by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand.

Gina joined Wendell Property Management in 2011 after a successful career in cinema. She excelled and quickly completed Wendell’s training modules and now manages one of Wendell’s growing portfolios. Gina’s sincere and honest approach has made her a firm favorite for Wendell customers.

She is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome is achieved for all parties, every time. Whether you are an investor looking to maximise returns, or a homeowner needing to entrust the family home while you are overseas, Gina will tailor a solution to suit you.

email: gina@wendellproperty.co.nz   phone: 021 934 175


Claire Hungerford-Morgan

Claire works alongside Susan, expertly assisting the smooth management of her investor property portfolio. With a love of property, fostered by her family, Claire has a natural flair for property management.

Her attention to detail, wonderful way with customers and quick thinking allow her to expertly juggle the multitude of daily tasks on hand. Solutions orientated, Claire is a master at diffusing difficult situations with savvy communication.

Rental arrears, a maintenance problem, a tenants question or customer request are all taken care of by this perennial busy bee. If you want anything done (and done right the first time), give it to Claire.

email: claire@wendellproperty.co.nz  phone: 021 831 377


Ashley Giles

Ashley joins the family business after a successful career in Hospitality Management. At the tender age of 17, Ashley was named the youngest restaurateur in New Zealand. His career has since taken him from small beginnings in Queenstown, to London and Bali, managing cinemas and resorts before returning to Auckland in 2009 to work alongside Susan Wendell.

Ashley has long since fostered a love of all things property, so the move to Property Management was a natural progression. His enthusiasm is infectious and customers are naturally drawn to his down to earth, proactive approach. He believes, why should he do a good job when he could do an excellent job, exceeding expectations is his calling card. Mix this with his first class customer care and genuine desire to see his customers succeed and you have a winning combination.

Auckland suits Ashley’s love of all water sports (an avid sailor) and appreciation for fine food and wine. If he isn’t enjoying the beaches or restaurants that Auckland has to offer, then he is studying the property press before heading to the weekend’s open homes.

email: ashley@wendellproperty.co.nz   phone: 021 079 8956


Barry Constable

Barry runs our trust account, managing all the rental payments and ensuring our owners are paid on time. With a background in insurance accounts receivable, Barry has come on board to cope with the growing rent roll and financial demands of the business.

Calm and diligent in nature, Barry can explain even the most complex of accounts to both tenants and property owners. His understanding of financial reporting and our internal systems means queries are explained quickly and efficiently. Accuracy is at the top of his agenda, and getting things right first time flows through every avenue of the business. His attention to detail and honed financial literacy make him a core member of our dedicated team. The trust account is audited quarterly and the feedback from these experts continues to be exemplary as they note the adherence to audit controls within the finance department.

When he isn't crunching numbers, Barry enjoys fine food and good company with friends and family.

email: accounts@wendellproperty.co.nz   phone: 09 849 2588

Susan Wendell